Manifold bracket

Manifold brackets are used to mount the heating manifolds into manifold cabinets.

We produce different versions of brackets:

  • for plastic or metal manifolds with circular cross section
  • for plastic or metal manifolds with rectangular cross section
  • brackets for profiled brass manifolds.

All brackets are made of galvanised steel, with EPDM rubber inserts.

We can offer special designs of brackets, according to customer requirements.

Pr1_Sl12 Pr1_Sl1 Pr1_Sl2 Pr1_Sl3 Pr1_Sl4 Pr1_Sl5 PR1_Sl6 Pr1_Sl7 Pr1_Sl8 Pr1_Sl9 Pr1_Sl10 Pr1_Sl11 Pr1_Sl12 Pr1_Sl13